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Figuring it All Out

Some days I feel as if I am completely lost and then other days where I'm on top of the world. That's life though, I guess...

Watching people progress further and further while perfect insanity is where I'm at. I make plans, set goals, I try to do what I set out to do yet I struggle with it on a level that drives me nuts. My life was consistently inconsistent for sooo many years. It took me until 28 years old to actually start growing up and being responsible for the most part. I'm 32 as of this post and am definitely not feeling adult level responsible. At least I haven't felt adult level responsible for the past week or 2.  I just feel tired, like I have been surviving for the past 13 years and have finally landed in a place where I can rest. All I want to do is the hobbies I love and yet I don't always have the energy.    

So instead of letting it ruin my day, I tell myself that sometimes there's low points in my day to day life. When the low points hit I make a cup of tea, pull up a book or article to read, sometimes I watch a video on a subject I am interested in learning. Doing small tasks around the house helps me feel like I accomplished something which in turn helps me feel more upbeat. It sucks but its not the end all.