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Spooky Story 1: The Ghostly Doppelganger

Story One: Doppleganger Nighttime Ghost

(Explanations and extra details will be at the end of the story with numbers that correspond to the numbers you see placed throughout the story)

Back in the early 2000's, around 2001, my dad decided to move us¹ to a huge, old victorian in town. The house was originally a mining cabin built around 1840. By 1890 when the town started becoming an actual town and not just a tiny mining camp, the cabin was expanded into a 2 story large victorian. The cabin was converted into the giant kitchen. The layout of the house was interesting.

When we moved there, I was given the master bedroom upstairs² and my little brother and sister shared the huge loft space across the landing. The parents had the 2 downstairs bedrooms that connected through a door.³ So here we are in this old victorian in town, moving in and getting settled.

You know that feeling that more is happening than our eyes can see? Yeah, that's the feeling I felt going up the stairs, in the upstairs area, and in the kitchen & walk-in pantry. Little did I know how much was happening in that house that was beyond sight for most people. A little background of what we moved away from: My dad and family had been living in a place near the lake of a gated community and 2 houses down the road would end up being my first long term "serious" boyfriend. It was amazing to live only a couple houses from one another and on a lake near a beach/parks & rec area. So when I moved 20 mins away and into town, our parents decided we could have sleepovers.

Boyfriend had to sleep downstairs on the pullout futon in the "waiting/parlor/drawing room".⁴ So the room boyfriend slept in had a regular doorway that opened to the entry hall & front door and the foot of the stairs and across was step-mom's bedroom door.⁵ On one of the nights that boyfriend stayed over something weird happened. I was upstairs asleep in my room, my door had a latch on the outside that my dad locked so that I couldn't sneak down and canoodle with boyfriend.

I woke up to whispering in my room of a young girl, I turn my lamp on, nothing there and no whispering. At one point my door handle is turned and jiggled as I'm laying there awake and struggling to fall asleep. I get up, go to my door and listen, it's completely silent, no movement away from my door or heading down the old creaking stairs. Then at about 3am give or take 30 mins I hear boyfriend talking to a girl, I hear the girl voice, it sounded like my voice, respond. I was really confused, so I laid down at the gap under my bedroom door and listened.
The part of the conversation I could make out:
BF from futon about 10 ft from hall doorway
"Hey, is everything okay, why do you keep going up and down the stairs and walking through the hall? What's with the old nightgown?"
Entity in hallway seen through doorway standing at foot of stairs
"I'm okay, just thirsty, do not worry my love"⁶ At this point I'm not sure if I heard right or if I'm tripping on something I ingested and didn't know. I hear boyfriend whisper a muffled and sleepy
and then something in a weird raspy voice further up the stairs say it back. What freaked me out is the realization that I couldn't hear anyone actually moving on the steps. The old, really creaky steps, but the voice, when it said goodnight in that raspy whisper tone, it sounded like it was way closer to my bedroom door.

From the stair landing is what I figured. I knew there wasn't anyone in the house, alive, that lived there, that night, that was my age, and a similar voice to me. By the time I stopped freaking myself out from thinking about it, I looked at my clock and it was way past 4am and almost 5am. Next thing I know is that it is 7:30am and I am wide awake sitting against my bed on my floor. The freaky thing is that when I had looked at my stereo clock at 4:43am, I was in bed laying down, wide awake looking between my clock and bedroom door. And then my next conscious thought occurred with me sitting against my bed on the floor facing my bedroom door with my katana blade next to me unsheathed. To this day I have no clue what happened from 4:44am until 7:29am.

I get up and see that I'm in my comfy jeans and t-shirt. I have my beanie, which had a dried leaf and some grass on it, my converses, which had fresh grass stains, but no socks.⁷ This concerned me, especially the no socks part...
I was eager to get downstairs, brush my teeth, brush my hair, and wash my face before boyfriend woke up. I checked to see if my dad or step-mom came up to unlatch my door, it was unlatched.⁸
I had to pee soooo bad! I made my way down the stairs as quietly as I could, which is not easy on those old stairs and I was tiny at 4ft11 and barely 100lbs at 14 years old. I go do my thing not realizing BF is awake in the furthest living room from the front door, the tv room next to the kitchen, watching tv with my dad drinking coffee. When I'm done in the bathroom and all washed up, so fresh-so clean, I go and make my Red Rose Black Tea with cream and sugar and plop down on the loveseat next to my dad.

My dad asks how I got out of my room since he didn't hear the sound of me traversing my closet. I tell him that the latch was undone. He looks at BF and asks if he went up this morning and unlatched it. BF is terrified of my dad and won't lie, plus there is a security camera that records the front entry and you can see if anyone goes up or down the stairs, BF looks confused and says
"No, I haven't gone upstairs since yesterday when we were playing legos with** LB and LS⁹ in the area at the top of the stairs."¹⁰

My dad believes him and mentions that maybe it was step-mom but seems to be unsure. We all know that LB and LS aren't tall enough to reach the latch on my door and they wouldn't anyway.¹¹

So, anyway, when step-mom joins everyone and dad asks, she says
"No, 10 mins ago was the first time I've been upstairs since tucking the kids in last night"
Dad thinks outloud
"maybe I didn't latch it right, I swear I did though because I tried to open the door just to make sure the latch was secure, and it was... hmmmm, weird. I'll check the front entry cam. Maybe one of us unlatched it during the night to check on you and have forgotten"

BF pipes in with,
"You came down though, I think I saw you walk by the doorway down the hall to the bathroom in a weird long old looking nightgown a few times last night. I asked if you were okay, you looked really pale and sick and you said you were okay and you were just really thirsty. You sounded weird though. Are you messing with us?"

As BF was talking, all I can feel is cold. I had heard this exchange/coversation BF had, had last night, it was muffled and just barely discernible, but I know I heard it.
LS jokingly says
"It's the creepy girl ghost that looks like sister that walks around sometimes..."¹²
A moment later LS adds,
"There's also a tree chopping guy in dirty old clothes and a gross looking beard that likes to stand by your door."
She says it while staring at me without concern or fear but with a seriousness that makes me shiver.

"How do you know he's a tree chopping guy?" I ask.
"You will know when you see him that he's a tree chopping guy..." LS says while doing the PeePee dance and then runs off to the restroom before explaining further.

For a few more minutes we discuss this, I tell my parents that I didn't leave my room all night. They can check the security cam footage¹³ and see that BF and I stayed in our sleeping areas. Eventually, after breakfast my dad came in and said that neither of us were on the camera footage, he looked freaked though but we had to leave. It was time to drive BF down the hill 2 towns over so his dad could pick him up and bring him home. On the way back home my dad turned the radio off and asked if I "messed with the camera in the entry hall". I said "no" since I didn't. He looks at me and says he believes me and he can't believe he's going to say this but he has too...
"something came in our house last night that wasn't on any of the outside cameras, well it was but it was just a weird barely visible shadow that I thought was bug shadow on the lens. It wasn't a bug shadow, at least after watching it closely, it wouldn't make sense. It kept going up the stairs."

"On the camera that looks down at the parking spot under your bedroom window it stopped there and went up the side of the house. I couldn't see if it went to your window because of the angle but that's the only window upstairs right there. I don't mean to freak you out, I'm freaked out. Please be honest, is this an elaborate prank?"

I explain to my dad that there is no way I could pull this off. I was locked in my room and they would've been woken up by me if I had used the closet to get out. I also told him about how I had heard BF talking to someone that sounded like me and before that a girl whispering in my room near my door and then my door handle jiggling.

Eventually we chalked it up to new house heebie-jeebies and our minds and imaginations getting carried away.

This first experience happened less than a month after moving in. It was not the last and later that year while exploring the area under the house, we found some strange interesting stuff that only creeped our family out more.

Thanks for reading!

I apologize for any grammatical errors or typos. This was transcribed using my phone and a note app.
Explanations & Extra Details:
1. (step-mom, little sister and brother)
2. (no bathroom though, both bathrooms were downstairs)
3. (my dad was a loud snorer and liked to collect computer parts on shelves in his room, step-mom wasn't down with that clutter in their room so they had separate spaces, it worked for them)
4. (the house had 3 giant living rooms with giant wood sliding doors that could be closed to separate them or keep them open for a long open room/ floorplan style)
5. (Check my drawn diagram of the house's layout.)

6. (The way the house was laid out, my bedroom door was old and there was a 2 inch gap at the bottom. Also, it was literally right next to the stairs, I mean it lined up with the top step. The stairs were the kind that go up, then a landing that connects another set of stairs but in the opposite direction- turn 180° to go up the rest of the way. Directional Example: you start going up the stairs in an Eastern direction, hit the landing and turn until you are facing the Western direction and go up the rest of the stairs. The stairs had an open air feel to them, nothing closed off. This made sound travel very well up the stairs and under massive gap of my door.)
7. (I always wore cute printed low ankle socks with my coverses)
8. (Disclaimer, I could get out of my room through the weird 4.5ft tall, 4ft deep and 12ft long, old closet in my room that had a 2ft by 4ft opening into the coat/board game closet in the upstairs hall/stair landing. It was really noisy and I had a mattress/hidey hole/club house in there so it was not easy to get through quietly. Parents knew they could hear me if I tried to bypass the latched bedroom door to canoodle with BF when he stayed over)
9. **(I'm not including names, referred to as LB & LS for Little Brother and Little Sister and BF for BoyFriend)
10. (it was like a little nook type room 7ft by 7ft at the top of the stairs between their room, LB & LS, and my room, this is also where the boardgame closet is/was).
11. (They were really good about leaving their teenage sister alone since they had eachother and were almost exactly a year apart, their birthdays are 3 days apart. They didn't have any interest in their older siblings, I was closest in age to them out of all our siblings but still the age gap was too far apart.)
12. (LS is about 5-6 years old when this happened.)
13. (No, I could not alter or change it to sneak out)