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My Dark Half Wheel of the Year Potpourri

To start, here's a little background of why I started making the stove-top potpourri:

Growing up my mom would make our home smell like fall and winter by boiling this concoction on the stove. I remember the evenings, after she came home from work, after Ma made dinner, she would turn the flame on under the pot of potpourri and the whole house would smell like apple pie. Doing this during the dark half of the year made the house feel warm and cozy. My brothers would be in their rooms on their computers coding, gaming, watching Star Trek or The X-Files, I would be either doing the same thing or drawing, journaling, or homework. Ma would be in the kitchen or on the landline, smooth jazz or Stevie Nicks would be playing quietly from the massive stereo system (Ma's pride and joy after her kids) This system was top notch with the giant free standing speakers encased in wood and multiple stereo components and her record player all hooked up by my brothers.

Ma would turn the flame off on the stove, grab the steaming pot of simmering potpourri and walk around the house with it so that the wondrous scent would permeate the whole house. This memory is ingrained in my mind and makes me feel content like a kitty laying on a fluffy rug in front of a crackling fireplace.

Enough about the history of why this became a ritual in my home every year from the first Autumn rains to the end of Winter.

Before making: Make sure no one in your home has an allergy to any of the ingredients you are using, if they do you can substitute using other scents. Be sure to have an Epi Pen on had in case they are allergic to any of the substitutes and you didn't know. Or just don't risk it.
Also, be sure to let other household members that this is not for consumption

What I use:
》Cinnamon and Cinnamon sticks
》Orange Peels or Orange Zest
(Everything else is optional, use whatever scents tickle your fancy)
》A few packets of Chai Tea, the contents of each poured into an empty spice jar. (You can also get each of the ingredients you find in Chai Tea, and pick which ones you prefer, rather than using tea bag contents)
       ~Chai Tea Contents~
               《▪︎Cardamom seeds whole or ground
               《▪︎Star Anise whole
               《▪︎A few others used less often in Chai:
                  ~Fennel, Coriander, and Pepper
》Chamomile Flowers
》Frankincense Essential Oil (one drop)
》Bergamot Essential Oil (one drop)
》Rose Essential Oil (one drop)

I use a small, old sauce pan that holds about a pint, maybe a smidgen more.
I start with 1 cup of water or a liquid base like chai tea (no sugar or cream, just straight) or coconut water. I let that heat up while I prepare the rest.
I add in the spices, herbs, cinnamon sticks to the 1 cup of liquid in the pot as it simmers.
About a teaspoon or less of each.
2-4 cinnamon sticks or 2 teaspoons of cinnamon.
3-5 Star Anise pods or a teaspoon ground up.
1/2 a teaspoon of nutmeg and clove. Maybe less. I eyeball most of this and go by feel, smell, and look.
A teaspoon of Chamomile or 8-10 small flowers. You can add the lacey chamomile leaves also.
I use 1-2 apples, half of the apples I add are green, half are red or whatever is on hand (bruised or just not great), sliced and cored. Sometimes I use dried spiced apple slices I made within the past month, if I do, I still add some fresh apple slices for a robust scent.
I usually save my orange peels for a week in the fridge before I plan on starting my potpourri. You can add 1 large orange peel freshly peeled right then also.
If the mixture doesn't have enough liquid, I add more every time it looks too thick. Each batch can last a week, 2 if you refrigerate over night/ between uses. Do not refrigerate when the pot is still warm, let the pot cool to room temp or at least very close.
The Essential Oils I add later on, I let the concoction simmer for awhile before adding anymore scents.

I usually simmer the potpourri an hour a time 3-5 times a day.

The Witchy Part:

Before making, I cleanse all the tools I am using: pot, knife, spoons, ingredients and I charge them with my intent. I usually use a mix of smoke cleansing and running water.

I have used Moon Water, Rain Water, Blessed Water, as my liquid base that has been charged specifically for this recipe/creation/potion/spell
Make this creation so that it is tailored specifically to you and your needs.

What is the Intention:
《▪︎To Bring and Send Love into Your Home
《▪︎To Strengthen Your:
             ~Practice, Beliefs, Witchcraft
             ~Et Cetera, whatever it is that YOU need.
《▪︎To Infuse your Home with Positive Vibes
《▪︎To Create an Atmosphere that is Welcoming, 
       Warm, Cozy, Loving

I think you get the point 😉
Basically, when making, stirring, preparing the potpourri, infuse each action with your intention. For example, when stirring ingredients in, say a little chant that expresses the energy and intention you want to infuse into the potpourri.

Here's a little spell chant off the top of my head to use as an example:
"With love this is made, may my love be spread, through this mixture's scent, from room to room it goes, my loving intent, through this home, spread and sent."

I don't have a step-by-step spell and recipe for you to follow. This is an outline type guide to inspire you to make it your own. If you are a new witch, do some research online, books, the library, talk to other witches that are skilled at teaching and explaining. My craft and practice is very intuitive and I mostly go with what feels right on top of my witchy knowledge of correspondences, spells, and witchy recipes.

Please, make your craft your own. It won't happen over night or by the next full moon. It has taken me many many years to find what works for me. I have been witchy since I was a child, around 13 I started looking into witchcraft, at 15 it became clear that I was a witch at heart but I felt like I had to hide it. I didn't fully start practicing rather than dabbling occasionally until I was 22. Before then it was during the times when I was alone in my room, or walking through the woods, or feeling an intense pull and inspiration that I would cast a spell or feel my witchy oats.

After I came out of the broom closet round 22, thats when I really started exploring my practice. I am almost 33 and have just started to find what feels right in the past 4 years. The year 2020 has been huge for me though when it comes to my practice. I have really started to embrace the fact that this is My Craft and My Practice I have stopped worrying about how others might view my practice or if I'm not as knowledgeable about certain things as some would assume.

All I want is for younger witches if all kinds to be able to embrace their craft as their own. To not worry about learning everything they can as fast as they can. I personally struggled more when I was trying to learn all of it within the first year. For some reason a bunch of info just wasn't sticking. When I finally accepted that I needed to go at MY pace is when my mind opened itself up. Now I learn when I feel inspired to learn a bit about a certain witchy subject rather than trying to force feed myself all the info I could. I had this misconception that in order to be an amazing witch I needed to know everything off the top of my head. Nope, I am not that witch. I have to consult my books, journals, online, other witches often, its when I let myself learn organically rather than mechanically is when the info is absorbed.

This way of learning as a witch has actually improved my practice 10 fold. It has helped me make my practice my own. I hope this helps other witches be okay with not being a super witch after the Year and a Day of learning. Make your witchy life flow with you and you with it. It might surprise you how much it can improve your practice when you let go of trying to force it. Forcing stuff can be good occasionally when you need an extra little push, it can become self sabotaging if it's happening consistently.

×☆×Good Luck and Blessed Be×☆×
♡ April~Pucca~Wren ♡


The Story of How my Nickname Pooka or Pucca de la Peepa came about:

To start, the nickname was given to me from my husband 12 years ago when we started dating. I became his Pooka or Pucca de la Peepa. The Peepa part is my childhood nickname from my mom and dad. My dad still called me Peepa until the day he passed away in 2015. So my husband had started calling me his Pucca de la Peepa. "Pooka of the Peepa" like the Pooka side of the Peepa.

It had nothing to do with Faery folk or the cartoon Pucca (I found the cartoon 4 years after I was nicknamed, I love that cartoon). What's interesting to me is how I have been called a Gelfling, Faery, Elf, Elfing by all my friends for years upon years in my youth. It was about 5 years ago that I looked up Pucca or Pooka (my husband always uses the second spelling, I use both,) and saw the meaning behind it. I kind of forgot about that until yesterday when I saw a post with Pucca in it. It was just a meme about the Celtic Fae Pooka and their mischievous nature. I looked it up again and it reminded me of what my name means.

To me its what my husband ALWAYS calls me (Or he says Pook) and to me it's come to mean love, affection, and endearment. I guess it was just kismet that my most precious nickname is also the name of a Fae creature. After years of being called some kind of Fae nickname then to have my SoulMate nickname me Pooka/Pucca without knowing what it means is just more proof that I am on My Right Path.


Spell to Break Curses, Hexes, or for Protection

Items that can be used for protection or to break boxes and curses. Only some items are in the following spells.

Small Box
Black Salt
A Black Mirror
Black or Red Fabric
Black or Red Pen
Your Hair
Black Pepper
Bay Leaves
Blessed Water, New Moon Water

There are 2 ways to do this spell, it's up to you. You can do both if you want. If you do both, you will need at least 4 -6 small 4inch by 4inch mirrors, a hammer and a little wooden container (with a lid), preferably made of birch or cedar.

Before you begin, meditate, ground and center yourself. Make sure all tools you will be using are cleansed of residual energy. I use sage or incense smoke (Sandalwood, Cedar, Frankincense) or bring the waterproof items down to a creak and hold them in the flowing water while feeling cleansing energy flow into the items. I do this for as long as I feel necessary, 90 seconds to 13 mins.

Spell Version 1 and 2 (Both spells start out generally the same)
Mix Basil, Black Pepper, Birch saw dust together in a mortar and pestle while saying what you will be using the mixture for and charging with protection and hex breaking energy. Once the ingredients are fully mixed Place in a bottle with some Blessed Water or New Moon Water, Let sit for 3 days and nights during the New Moon, outside or in a window sill.

Once that potion is ready, grab the little mirror or mirrors and a black or red marker, wax pen, crayon, lipstick, etc. I prefer stuff I can wash off if I need to. Permanent marker works great and can be removed easily with nail polish remover.

Take the mirror or mirrors and make sure you have cleansed and charged them for protection before proceeding.

For Spell 1:
Sprinkle the potion you made over the mirror while saying something like:

"This potion blesses
Protects from curses and hexes.
On this mirror, made so pure,
I reflect back this negative attack
May it be reflected away from me.
All bad luck and energy being sent towards me
I send it all back, protection I do not lack.
Now I am free of all curses, hexes, and negativity sent to me.
So mote it be"

Write the name or names of those that have hurt you or wished you harm "Enemy Mine", "Negative Energy", "Bad Luck" etc. On the front of the mirror. For protection and not curse/hex breaking, you can leave it blank or draw, write something that represents protection for you.

Next place the mirror in a window that is recieving the most energy from outside sources (a window facing a road for example or a neighbors). You can make one of these for each direction of your home , N, E, S, W.

SPELL 2 using spell 1 steps first:
Once you complete all of the steps for spell 1 but without writing on the mirror, or putting them in windows, grab a hammer and paper or cloth bag (an old pillowcase will work.) You want to break the mirror up, if you have the tools you can cut it into the right sized pieces for putting in a cedar or birch box/container that has been cleansed and charged for protection and hex breaking. Once you have your broken or cut mirror pieces, glue them to the inside of the box. You can also add any leftover pieces, mirror side down to the outside of the box. If you do that, make sure the pieces face mirror side against the box.

Once the box is finished setting, take a bay leaf or paper and write the name of the hexer/cursor, if you are unsure then "enemy mine", "bad luck", whatever feels right. Now place the bay leaf/paper with writing on it in the mirror box. If you want to add an extra layer, say the incantation from earlier or something similar while sprinkling more of your blessed water of protection Potion over the box. If the hex or curse feels really bad you can wrap red or black ribbon around it 5 times in the shape of a pentagram or just around it as many times as you need, so it can't open, until it feels secure to you.

That's it. Store in a safe or top of a closet, under a floorboard, etc. I put my protection boxes near the cedar tree near my front door. Cedar and birch are great to use as an extra layer of protection if you need to bury or place something. Preferably one near your home.

Good luck!

This is my new account: old account- weepingfaery

Good Day Peeps (If anyone actually reads this...)
I have created this new L.J. account to go with my Instagram account. This is where I will do my blogs and articles that go with certain I.G. posts.

This blog will cover all things witchy.

So a little about me: I am a witch (if you haven't figured that out yet). I practice mostly folk magic. There are elements in my practice and beliefs that mostly come from Europe: Norse, Celtic, Romanian/Indo-Dutch Gypsy, Italian and Sicilian Strega, and maybe a smattering of other stuff here and there. My heritage is all of those, the Celtic is on the least end of the heritage spectrum and the Gypsy & Sicilian are very pronounced in my heritage.

I love folk and green witchery. Both play the lead in my beliefs and practices. Also, Native American Indian and shaman practices intrigue me yet I tend to stick to the folk magick. I love mythology, nearly all forms of it. All of the celtic (Welsh, Irish, Scottish, British, etc.) mythos I absolutely love. Next is the Norse mythologies, I fell in love with all the viking history, art, jewelry, beliefs, iconography after someone I love dearly and deeply gifted me a book on it after telling me how amazing it is. His introduction of the Norse and Vikings changed my beliefs and practice and helped me grow in my magick.

I am not an everyday aesthetic witch. I practice every day, even if it's only a few small witchy things throughout the day, it's what works for me. I don't dress super witchy or earthy every day, more often than not I am in my comfy clothes. From jeans, and t-shirts to those cute printed yoga sweat pants that are tight around the ankles, and sweaters/tops that are dark-colored, earth-toned, oh yeah, and long flowy skirts occasionally. I love sandals, Uggs, Docs, and the occasional mid-calf cow-person boots. I do wear a necklace or 2 that usually has a goddess pendant, pentacle, crystal, or a semi-precious stone. I enjoy creating my own jewelry also.

I love books, I have over 300 books, not including digital which is another 200-400 books. They all have to do with witchcraft in someway (astrology, psychic, channeling, mythology, divination, herbs,  dreams, wicca, witchcraft, ceremonial, flora & fauna, shamanism, goddesses, gods, etc.) My personal library started in my teens but really picked up in my 20's. I have slowed down though in the past 3 years. At this point, any info I need, I can probably just find it in my library, physical & digital. Enough about my book fetish and bragging. (Sorry, I just really love books and am proud of my collection)

So, I have been witchy since I can remember. My mom isn't a witch but she has a witchy spirit. She introduced me to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, dark flowy clothes, leather boots and hippie sandals. Nearly every Halloween since as far back as my memory allows I was dressed as a witch, hippie, Wednesday (Adam's Family), or something similar. One of my first CD's my mom gave me was The Cure. The first TV show that wasn't on a kids channel that we watched together was Charmed, before the show premiered I remember my mom telling me that "We HAD to watch it together!". The idea of witches and San Francisco reeled her in and then me. She grew up in S.F. and we had a family house down there in the Sunset District that we visited a couple times a year.

As a young child I spent hours each day outside among the trees, plants, rocks, and critters. I made up a game in 1st grade with a group of friends where we were a pack of wolves and our den was the trunk of a giant White Oak at the end of the playground up on a tiny hill. From kindergarten up to 9th grade I walked to and from school. It was about 3/4 of a mile, maybe a mile 1 way. This was my favorite time, being out in the elements was like a special healing meditation.

My mom was a single mom that worked 6 days a week with 3 kids, kept a spotless house, and made a healthy dinners every night, and packed our handmade lunches every day. My amazing mom is what inspired my beliefs by letting me be me. I remember her asking if I wanted to dress up as a princess or a disney character during Halloween, she let me pick out my clothes (I usually chose clothes in dark colors or black).

She never forced any of it on me but introduced it and let me decide for myself. No matter who or what I wanted to be or do, my mom supported me. I am her only daughter and her youngest. It is because of her support I was able to follow my heart and be the witch I am today. My father tried to be supportive but he was raised very, very christian even though he didn't really practice as a christian during his adult life. The programming was there though. When my first deck of tarot showed up in my life I was 13, my dad had me throw my cards out. My cousin became interested in Witchcraft, heavily, when we were 15 and my dad and our grandma (my dad's, her mom's mom) were freaked out. I hid my practice and kept it lowkey for years after seeing their reactions.

Saying my cousin was possessed and the devil had his hooks in her, all kinds of christian superstition. She wasn't practicing that standard dark teen witchcraft we often see, she was practicing the earthy, holistic, type of witchcraft. From about 16- 18 I had backed off of my witchy ways due to seeing how they treated my cousin and I had become addicted to opiates after I started a relationship with an addict. At 19 I found the person that felt like my other half, he is the one who taught me about the Norse. From 19-21 I was in and out of christian rehabs, so I fell in line and pretended/tried to fit in with the whole christian life. That whole time my heart and soul screamed at me that "This Isn't You!!!"

Finally, when I had my freedom back I was able to do me. My fiance and I were able to be together. We had fell in love when I was 19 and then both sent away for nearly 2 years. We tied the knot when I was 21, had a son at 22 and then my witchy ways started back up fully by 23. Now I am almost 33 and still learning and in love with my beliefs. Being a witch has always felt right. I have always casted spells, I remember being about 9 years old and taking my bike to the woods about 40 mins (give or take an hour) before sunset with my friend and casting spells while she ran around and played among the trees. I did stuff like that constantly. Being supported by my mom, having the room and freedom to find my path, it is the most precious feeling & memory I have.

Being a Witch is an intrinsic part of who I am as a woman.