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🧹💜My Witchy Life🔮🐾

Wren a Pucca
I love nature, I'm a wild witch at heart. I'm weird, nerdy, earthy, analytical while also spinning with my arms out and head in the clouds kind of chick. My old livejournal account from 15+ years ago is weepingfaery. Its embarrassing but it's a definite part of who I was and am. I'm a bit older and a bit wiser. I'm a definite introvert, INTP on the Meyers Briggs. I prefer chilling at home or out in the woods. My guilty pleasure is smoking weed and watching cartoons like American Dad, Regular Show, Star Trek Lower Decks, Archer, etc.. My house is full of books, blankets, pillows, art supplies, art, computer stuff, tarot cards, rocks, sticks, and witchy stuff. I love comfy cute clothes, I rarely wear makeup. Autumn is my favorite time of year and I have a pretty okay life considering where I've been and how I lived when I was younger. If you are here checking out my profile, be nice, if you can't be nice then I'll just have to block you if you're mean.