Ways in Which Voting Might Be Improved so that Voters are More Informed

After watching this election unfold, on the day before Election Day I kept thinking, people aren't informed when voting. The majority of people that have voted don't do the research to back up their decisions.

●(This post has nothing to do with the outcome of this election or how I feel about it, my thoughts came about before it even started. I am concerned with people being informed on ALL SIDES.)

●(This post is unbiased and my political leanings are not playing a part, I prefer to keep my political preferences private online and in my social life.)

I feel like voters should be made to watch a fact based movie created by an impartial party so that they are more informed how their vote can change the future instead of getting caught up in all the hype. After watching the movie that covers all nominated parties and what they stand for and their track record, and their history. NO MISINFORMATION OR OPINIONS. Just facts. The voters have to take a test to see if they were paying attention, 50 to 100 questions. If a person gets below 70% or the test shows they only paid attention to parts about a certain candidate and ignored the rest then they have to do it again or they can not vote.

When you register, you are given a link for the video, once opened, you have 24 hours to watch the video. When the video is done, the link expires and a link to a test pops up, once they click start, they have an allotted time to finish. Another way is to do an in person type orientation with a bunch of other people, with the movie and then test.

I'm positive this approach would have to be tested and wrinkles flushed out.

At the beginning of the orientation, before watching the movie, someone with a tablet or clipboard asks who you plan to vote for and why, gaging if the preference is base on the person being informed or just parroting misinformation or one liners. At the end and after the test, see if they stand by their decision and why or if it has changed and why.

I feel that to be able to vote, it needs to be an informed decision and not just herd mentality of "my favorite celebrity endorses this person" or "my family and friends like this candidate". This past election felt very misinformed on both sides and I was personally appalled at the level of bullshit people have been peddling.

I feel there is a better way to do this so that people base their choices off fact not fiction or to fit in.

What are your thoughts?


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