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🖋📚😊I will be posting more stuff this weekend😊📚🖋(Sorry for the delay...)

👋Hey lil' peeps!👋
👍Anyone that stumbles into my brain's thought space. 🤝
Welcome to my humble brain thought abode, teehee. 😅🤔☺

I haven't posted an entry in a couple weeks. I will have an entry up by Sunday night November 8th, 2020 this weekend, at the latest. Probably sooner. Maybe even by tonight, Friday (the 6th, for anyone not wanting to figure the math out 😜🙃😅☺).

📜A few possibilities for posts are🖋:

¤ 📝 Spooky Story #2 and #3 ✏

¤📜 Using Rain Storms to Help Boost a Spell 🖋

¤ 📜 My Dark Half of the Year Stove Top Potpourri (as a spell or just as a yummy scent to fill your home) 🖋

¤ 📝 My Journey and Learning about Cognitive Psychology as an Experimental Science and Using Family and Friends to Conduct Experiments for the Course (It'sa free course for 5 weeks after signing up, more info in the post if I post about this) ✏

¤ 📝 How I feel About Current Politics and a Few Ideas to Help the 🇺🇸 Battle Misinformed Voters (My Political Leanings are Not to be Included) 🖊

¤ 📖 My Story About Addiction, Mental Health, Chronic Illness, and How I Chose to Fight Back (Getting Healthy With and Without the US Medical System) ⚖

¤ 📜 How Embracing the Title/Label Witch in My Beliefs Changed and Do I Still Have Fears and Worries Using the Title/Label 🖋

If you want me to write about one or 2 of these topics this weekend, let me know. If I don't get a response then perhaps I'll use my Pendulum or Tarot to decide (and write about that experience also 😊😉), if I have trouble choosing. The Universe, Spirit, God/Goddess might give me a nudge. I will probably write about all of these over time. I have so many ideas just tumbling around in this silly noggin of mine.

I hope someone reaches out so that I can help them through my writing, also, if there is something you want me to write about that isn't on my list, Please, reach out and if it's in my wheelhouse then I would love to post stuff that people want to read and learn about. Oh, and remember, check out my Instagram
📱Handle: @pucca.de.la.peepa
It should be linked on my L.J. profile, if not just type my handle in the search on I.G. and check me out.
I go by:
☆ The Witchy Wren ☆
Just in case, if you aren't sure you found the right I.G. profile.

📬 Let me know!
I would also like to thank those of you who take the time to read my stuff, comment, message, and follow me on here and Instagram. I have been so scared of putting myself out there and being a part of communities online, meeting people, and making new friends, that I had completely isolated myself (I have my husband & son, my brothers & sisters, and other family, and long distance friends I chat with a few times a year) but since I have been getting more social IRL and Online, when people interact in some fashion (being kind, not a-holes), it puts a smile on my face and warm fuzzies in my tummy/chest/heart. I love hearing from peeps and I will respond back.

Tell me about you! If you follow me on IG, comment on a post of mine and let me know you read my LJ  posts. I'll probably (99.9% will) put your kindness in my Stories to show my gratitude.

Okay, thats all. I'm blabbing now.
Stay Nifty, Stay Safe, Try to Show Compassion, and Have Faith in Yourself Because You are Unique, Amazing, and Literally ONE OF A KIND

👉💜 Always 💜👈

🥰🙃 April~Pucca~Wren 😉😊

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