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The Story of How my Nickname Pooka or Pucca de la Peepa came about:

To start, the nickname was given to me from my husband 12 years ago when we started dating. I became his Pooka or Pucca de la Peepa. The Peepa part is my childhood nickname from my mom and dad. My dad still called me Peepa until the day he passed away in 2015. So my husband had started calling me his Pucca de la Peepa. "Pooka of the Peepa" like the Pooka side of the Peepa.

It had nothing to do with Faery folk or the cartoon Pucca (I found the cartoon 4 years after I was nicknamed, I love that cartoon). What's interesting to me is how I have been called a Gelfling, Faery, Elf, Elfing by all my friends for years upon years in my youth. It was about 5 years ago that I looked up Pucca or Pooka (my husband always uses the second spelling, I use both,) and saw the meaning behind it. I kind of forgot about that until yesterday when I saw a post with Pucca in it. It was just a meme about the Celtic Fae Pooka and their mischievous nature. I looked it up again and it reminded me of what my name means.

To me its what my husband ALWAYS calls me (Or he says Pook) and to me it's come to mean love, affection, and endearment. I guess it was just kismet that my most precious nickname is also the name of a Fae creature. After years of being called some kind of Fae nickname then to have my SoulMate nickname me Pooka/Pucca without knowing what it means is just more proof that I am on My Right Path.

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