October 11th, 2020


This is my new account: old account- weepingfaery

Good Day Peeps (If anyone actually reads this...)
I have created this new L.J. account to go with my Instagram account. This is where I will do my blogs and articles that go with certain I.G. posts.

This blog will cover all things witchy.

So a little about me: I am a witch (if you haven't figured that out yet). I practice mostly folk magic. There are elements in my practice and beliefs that mostly come from Europe: Norse, Celtic, Romanian/Indo-Dutch Gypsy, Italian and Sicilian Strega, and maybe a smattering of other stuff here and there. My heritage is all of those, the Celtic is on the least end of the heritage spectrum and the Gypsy & Sicilian are very pronounced in my heritage.

I love folk and green witchery. Both play the lead in my beliefs and practices. Also, Native American Indian and shaman practices intrigue me yet I tend to stick to the folk magick. I love mythology, nearly all forms of it. All of the celtic (Welsh, Irish, Scottish, British, etc.) mythos I absolutely love. Next is the Norse mythologies, I fell in love with all the viking history, art, jewelry, beliefs, iconography after someone I love dearly and deeply gifted me a book on it after telling me how amazing it is. His introduction of the Norse and Vikings changed my beliefs and practice and helped me grow in my magick.

I am not an everyday aesthetic witch. I practice every day, even if it's only a few small witchy things throughout the day, it's what works for me. I don't dress super witchy or earthy every day, more often than not I am in my comfy clothes. From jeans, and t-shirts to those cute printed yoga sweat pants that are tight around the ankles, and sweaters/tops that are dark-colored, earth-toned, oh yeah, and long flowy skirts occasionally. I love sandals, Uggs, Docs, and the occasional mid-calf cow-person boots. I do wear a necklace or 2 that usually has a goddess pendant, pentacle, crystal, or a semi-precious stone. I enjoy creating my own jewelry also.

I love books, I have over 300 books, not including digital which is another 200-400 books. They all have to do with witchcraft in someway (astrology, psychic, channeling, mythology, divination, herbs,  dreams, wicca, witchcraft, ceremonial, flora & fauna, shamanism, goddesses, gods, etc.) My personal library started in my teens but really picked up in my 20's. I have slowed down though in the past 3 years. At this point, any info I need, I can probably just find it in my library, physical & digital. Enough about my book fetish and bragging. (Sorry, I just really love books and am proud of my collection)

So, I have been witchy since I can remember. My mom isn't a witch but she has a witchy spirit. She introduced me to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, dark flowy clothes, leather boots and hippie sandals. Nearly every Halloween since as far back as my memory allows I was dressed as a witch, hippie, Wednesday (Adam's Family), or something similar. One of my first CD's my mom gave me was The Cure. The first TV show that wasn't on a kids channel that we watched together was Charmed, before the show premiered I remember my mom telling me that "We HAD to watch it together!". The idea of witches and San Francisco reeled her in and then me. She grew up in S.F. and we had a family house down there in the Sunset District that we visited a couple times a year.

As a young child I spent hours each day outside among the trees, plants, rocks, and critters. I made up a game in 1st grade with a group of friends where we were a pack of wolves and our den was the trunk of a giant White Oak at the end of the playground up on a tiny hill. From kindergarten up to 9th grade I walked to and from school. It was about 3/4 of a mile, maybe a mile 1 way. This was my favorite time, being out in the elements was like a special healing meditation.

My mom was a single mom that worked 6 days a week with 3 kids, kept a spotless house, and made a healthy dinners every night, and packed our handmade lunches every day. My amazing mom is what inspired my beliefs by letting me be me. I remember her asking if I wanted to dress up as a princess or a disney character during Halloween, she let me pick out my clothes (I usually chose clothes in dark colors or black).

She never forced any of it on me but introduced it and let me decide for myself. No matter who or what I wanted to be or do, my mom supported me. I am her only daughter and her youngest. It is because of her support I was able to follow my heart and be the witch I am today. My father tried to be supportive but he was raised very, very christian even though he didn't really practice as a christian during his adult life. The programming was there though. When my first deck of tarot showed up in my life I was 13, my dad had me throw my cards out. My cousin became interested in Witchcraft, heavily, when we were 15 and my dad and our grandma (my dad's, her mom's mom) were freaked out. I hid my practice and kept it lowkey for years after seeing their reactions.

Saying my cousin was possessed and the devil had his hooks in her, all kinds of christian superstition. She wasn't practicing that standard dark teen witchcraft we often see, she was practicing the earthy, holistic, type of witchcraft. From about 16- 18 I had backed off of my witchy ways due to seeing how they treated my cousin and I had become addicted to opiates after I started a relationship with an addict. At 19 I found the person that felt like my other half, he is the one who taught me about the Norse. From 19-21 I was in and out of christian rehabs, so I fell in line and pretended/tried to fit in with the whole christian life. That whole time my heart and soul screamed at me that "This Isn't You!!!"

Finally, when I had my freedom back I was able to do me. My fiance and I were able to be together. We had fell in love when I was 19 and then both sent away for nearly 2 years. We tied the knot when I was 21, had a son at 22 and then my witchy ways started back up fully by 23. Now I am almost 33 and still learning and in love with my beliefs. Being a witch has always felt right. I have always casted spells, I remember being about 9 years old and taking my bike to the woods about 40 mins (give or take an hour) before sunset with my friend and casting spells while she ran around and played among the trees. I did stuff like that constantly. Being supported by my mom, having the room and freedom to find my path, it is the most precious feeling & memory I have.

Being a Witch is an intrinsic part of who I am as a woman.


Sunday 3 Card Tarot Spread for the upcoming week

5 of Cups
4 of Swords
8 of Wands

This reading is concerning. At least the 5 of Cups has me a little worried. I see that something from the past will be a reminder of an emotional pain that hasn't fully healed. Once it is accepted, felt, and let go of there will be a sense of peace and calm that helps bring more healing. After that emotional pain and inner turmoil is felt and healing has begun, the sky is the limit. There is something painful in the past holding back our potential to be better. In order to reach that place of "anything is possible" one must truly feel the ebb and flow of their pain. Once felt and experienced rather than bottled up. Peace and acceptance will be felt. Then a feeling of excitement that you are free will fill you up and make new doors or windows open in your life.