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Witchcraft & Me

Hi Peeps!

I thought I would write a little about my practice.
I'm not going to go to far into detail (I would have to write a book), I am going to explain my practice so that other Witches, Pagans, New Witches, and/or witchcraft curious can see one aspect of practicing witchcraft. I think the best way for me to give a glimpse into my practice is to go through a regular day for me.

My alarm goes off, my body and mind had already began their efforts towards consciousness before my watch started buzzing. It's 4:45am Pacific time. I don't immediately jump out of bed. I allow myself a half hour of morning meditation, allowing my body to fully come to (if I jump out of bed immediately, I tend to trip over stuff, run into walls and doors, and have zero balance, my family thinks it's hilarious) and most important reason I do this is it helps me be in a great mood. Also, when I do this I say in my head, under my breadth, or even outloud if it won't wake anyone else up, a daily morning affirmation. Sometimes it's off the top of my mind after about 15 mins of laying there waking up or one that I wrote or chose the night before.

Some mornings, as my brain starts recalling my dreams from the previous night, I grab my phone and use my notes app to record keywords and phrases so that later I can do an entry in my journal. This happens 2-5 times a week.

Once I drag myself out from under my dog and my fluffy warm cocoon of blankets and pillows, I do minimal stretching to get my blood flowing while thinking about what the day's energy already feels like. I light some incense and go into the restroom to wash up and do morning bathroom stuff. On my bathroom mirror I have a reminder to tell myself some stuff I like about my mind, body, soul. I deal with mental health, so any little nudges towards self-love is important for me.

In the kitchen I make a cup of tea or coffee and use stirring clockwise or counter-clockwise to set my intentions for the day. I feed my dog Danu and let her out to do her business. While outside, since I wake up before sunrise, I love looking at the stars, the phase of the moon if I can see it, feel the cool & crisp morning air and thank either nature, the universe, God/dess, or all, basically whatever I am feeling in that moment. Once that is done, Danu and I go inside. I usually grab a bite to eat and sit down on my back deck and watch the sunrise with my journal and cup of Red Rose black tea with cream and sugar. If I had a memorable dream, I record what I can remember and my interpretation, if I feel that it's necessary. Once I am done doing that, I grab a book or my tablet to read or watch something, still on my deck, that will inspire me.

I love hearing the morning birdsong. I have a tiny hummingbird that perches in the tree next to my deck and she talks A Lot. Sometimes she comes down and will flutter a foot infront of me. On a few different occasions she has sat on my hooded head, landed on the top of my book, and sat on my potted baby pomegranate bush next to my chair. Its a great way to connect with nature and start my day. I do this for about an hour.

By the time it is 7 to 8 am I start preparing to do my morning tarot/divination reading. (There are the occasional mornings where I don't have time for a reading so I put it off until later in the day. I do try to make time for morning readings to be done before 11am). I give myself about a 45-hour cushion to do a meditation and reading. They usually only take 20-30mins for a daily morning reading. I try to journal this all down in detail but sometimes I have to just do keywords and phrases if my time is limited.

By this time, the rest of the house is awake. I get breakfast for my son, get his homeschooling stuff ready, and basically do regular house stuff. Water my plants and garden, prune dead leaves from them, fill bird feeders, clean up the yard of doggy doodoo, check on the hamster (Pancake, he's 3.5 years old. He's a wrinkly, big balled, sweet little old man). Around lunch I go out to my herbs and grab what I need for lunch. I am usually barefoot and use that time to ground and center. I collect only what I need and thank the plants for their bounty. Sometimes I'll bring a little offering like unsalted pasta water, a stone or crystal I found on a nature walk/hike in the woods and creek by my property that I charge and cleanse before using it as an offering, or organic fertilizer.

I make lunch, sometimes I add some witchy oomph (the way I mix, an incantation, intention that vibes with the ingredients being used) and sometimes I just make lunch and say thanks to the plants, grains, and animals that have given themselves so that I may receive sustenance. When I eat, I take that time to relax and have me time. I indulge in my entertainment guilty pleasures. I don't have the energy to be witchy 100% of the time.

Anyway, once all of my son's schoolwork for the day is done and I can step away and he gets to go do what he wants, I usually go take an hour nap. Yes, I am a napper. I wake up at 4:45am and by 2:30, I am getting a bit cranky. For my nap, I put on some soothing meditation music or listen to a show about the cosmos or ancient history. I love falling asleep to the History and Science channels documentaries on space and ancient civilizations.

When I wake up at 3:30, I stretch, take the dog out, go for a little nature walk down on the back of the property into the woods. The way the sun breaks through the branches of the tall sugar pines, redwoods, cedars, and oaks is magickal. Connecting with nature and my inner sense of wonder is crucial in my practice. I often find feathers, pinecones, animal bones, flora, rocks, and sticks that I use in my practice when I go on my walks.

When we get back between 4 & 4:30. The house is full of bustling energy. Husband is home from work, he is like a lightening storm and sunshine on a 72 degree day at the beach. Tons of electric chaotic energy but also warm, inviting, affectionate, Home. He brings a buzzing energy to the house. He usually laughs affectionately at my treasures I bring back from the woods. Then expresses his worry about me frolicking through the trees with Danu when there are 3 bears that hang out on our property and the pack of coyotes, the 2 bobcats, we've seen a few mountain lions in the past 2 years, a few gray wolves (they came down from the big mountains looking for food or were looking for new territory) and a wolverine that came through the property last year. Plus, snakes and skunks. I tell him that I stick to the clearings so I have a good sight line and Danu is amazing at alerting me of danger and what trail to take back home to avoid it. He understands though, my need to be out there, in nature, with the wild. Hubby usually takes Danu out again and plays frisbee with her after he gets home and gets out of his work clothes and boots and into his comfy clothes.

We feed Danu dinner and then we decide on our dinner and I get the stuff we need from the garden and we work together to make a yummy dinner. To me, that love, teamwork, and creating something together is it's own form of spellwork. It sets the tone for future days by building off of the energy put into it each day. We've been together since December 2007/January  2008 and married since 2009. Our love has changed a lot but grown beyond anything words can describe.

After dinner, we each go work on our hobbies until 7ish and then we usually all hang out and our son likes to show us YouTube videos of youtubers we all enjoy. It's usually something we will all laugh at. We hang out until 8-8:30pm and then all get ready for bed. I light incense, get beds and rooms ready for sleep. Put pajamas out for my  hubby & son. I go out onto my deck every night and take in the night. Sometimes I will wait until everyone is in bed and asleep and won't interrupt and I do my meditation, divination, and spellwork. I do the divination and/or spellwork maybe twice a month on average, sometimes way more and sometimes a whole month will pass where I just don't feel the need for a spell.

When I get ready for bed, I focus my energy on having a calm well rested sleep. As I wash up I visualize any residual, disruptive energy washing away. Once I am in bed, I put headphones in and turn on meditation music and I meditate until I fall asleep.

I practice my witchcraft by doing little daily tasks with a witchy oomph. While washing dishes, I visualize all negativity being washed away and my home being cleansed of energies that are disruptive. When I'm  sweeping, same thing. Cooking and baking, the aromas are filled with the intentions I worked into the food.

I rarely do huge rituals, usually 4 times a year and they aren't huge, just me out in nature welcoming the changing season in a circle I cast and saying thanks and goodbye until we meet again to the departing season. My moon rituals are usually when I do big tarot spreads and maybe a small spell with a cast circle and deep trance meditation.

Everyone's practice is different. I do my practice this way because I don't have the energy to go all out. Its simple and tailor made by me, for me. I'm a witch, a simple nature, house witch.

If you have any questions, leave a comment by clicking the link that says "Talk to Me🙂".

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed and I apologize for any errors in my writing. I typed this up on my phone and sometimes it does dumb things.

Have a great Day!

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