Becoming My Future Me

Every morning I wake up by 6am (at the latest, unless I force myself to sleep longer-a rarity). I try to go to bed by 9:30pm every night, sometimes earlier. I do this because it lets me believe I am doing at least one thing responsibly in my life. I am stuck between 2 modes- 1: don't give any fuck + go with the flow, 2: worrying I am not adulting according to american societal standards. I am 33, a mom to an 11 year old boy, a wife to a 37 year old sexy AF man-child, and a 2 year old black lab roommate. I am barely adulting. Each week or month I see myself do better and I feel better about myself. I try to let go of the shit that isnt crucial and not procrastinate on the stuff that's important. A big part of my life is witchcraft and it's made adulting a lot more enjoyable. The problem I have is that I prefer to behave as if I'm younger. I'm goofy, playful, have a vivid imagination and experience flights of fancy where I feel wonder at the simplest things. 

When it comes to my spirituality, I'm a witch. Not a serious one, more like a laid back stoner hippie that follows the wheel of the year, does tarot occadionally, loves rocks and sticks (my collection was extensive... too many sticks, too many "average" rocks according to hubby). I enjoy gardening, sorta. Lazy gardening. I love the moon in all her phases and try to cast my occasional spells accordingly.

It comes down to the reality that I'm an occasional witch. It suits me and my laid back lifestyle. What's not occasional is my ability to see magick, beauty, and wonder all around me, wherever I am. I am also always dreaming up my future and what it looks like. I feel it taking shape in small ways, like how each time I switch out an unhealthy habit for a healthy one I feel pride in myself, or being consistent more and more, or becoming adept at certain adult things.

Right now though, at this time in my life, I am in my own personal limbo. Like the pupa stage of a butterfly. I have goals, dreams, ideas, and hopes that within the next 5 years I'll have my own online witches shop with handcrafted goods. My husband is a custom woodworker and has offered to handcraft all my wooden items- tarot boxes, herb shelves, scrying boards etc. That's just a fraction of what we want to do, what I want to do.

I feel that this will be a reality but first I need to experience some major healing. I've been slowly working on myself and adjusting in ways that I am really proud of. I started playing the guitar again. For a long time I had stopped playing and creating my own songs. Picking up my guitar and re-learning to play and sing after 10 years of ignoring this part of me has been amazing.

I have this vision of who I believe I will be in 10 years. The person that is forming is earthy, healthy, go with the flow but responsible, she's always creating and mentoring, healing and helping, she is a version of myself that already exists to oartial degree, she's not ready to come out yet. I am who I am in this moment for a reason and the okder version of myself will present herself when its time. That's who I see as my future self. She'll be in her 40s and have a calming energy that helps people. I feel her inside of me forming.

I know what I want, who I am at the core, and that one day this older, wiser version of myself will emerge. Right now I am in the transforming stages, inside my pupa, my body has been broken down and now it's reforming, growing, changing, and it's terrifying yet exhilarating. This limbo is not stagnant, it's just difficult because the journey and process are scary, mostly unknown, and there are risks. I need to let go of the fear and break out of my pupa and soar like the magickal butterfly I feel I will be. She is the next part of my life story. She's in there waiting for me.

She/He is becoming inside you too, embrace the transformation, the awkward limbo stage, and the moment you will fly free, to soar and revel in your own beauty inside and out. Be proud of how far you've come, who you are, and cheer for your future self.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

"May the moon's light guide you on your darkest night and the sun's first rays wash all your doubts away. The stars will be your map on the journeys you'll take, never to steer you wrong as your future takes shape."
(This version created by @thewitchywren aka puccawren)
Blessed Be

My Dark Half Wheel of the Year Potpourri

To start, here's a little background of why I started making the stove-top potpourri:

Growing up my mom would make our home smell like fall and winter by boiling this concoction on the stove. I remember the evenings, after she came home from work, after Ma made dinner, she would turn the flame on under the pot of potpourri and the whole house would smell like apple pie. Doing this during the dark half of the year made the house feel warm and cozy. My brothers would be in their rooms on their computers coding, gaming, watching Star Trek or The X-Files, I would be either doing the same thing or drawing, journaling, or homework. Ma would be in the kitchen or on the landline, smooth jazz or Stevie Nicks would be playing quietly from the massive stereo system (Ma's pride and joy after her kids) This system was top notch with the giant free standing speakers encased in wood and multiple stereo components and her record player all hooked up by my brothers.

Ma would turn the flame off on the stove, grab the steaming pot of simmering potpourri and walk around the house with it so that the wondrous scent would permeate the whole house. This memory is ingrained in my mind and makes me feel content like a kitty laying on a fluffy rug in front of a crackling fireplace.

Enough about the history of why this became a ritual in my home every year from the first Autumn rains to the end of Winter.

Before making: Make sure no one in your home has an allergy to any of the ingredients you are using, if they do you can substitute using other scents. Be sure to have an Epi Pen on had in case they are allergic to any of the substitutes and you didn't know. Or just don't risk it.
Also, be sure to let other household members that this is not for consumption

What I use:
》Cinnamon and Cinnamon sticks
》Orange Peels or Orange Zest
(Everything else is optional, use whatever scents tickle your fancy)
》A few packets of Chai Tea, the contents of each poured into an empty spice jar. (You can also get each of the ingredients you find in Chai Tea, and pick which ones you prefer, rather than using tea bag contents)
       ~Chai Tea Contents~
               《▪︎Cardamom seeds whole or ground
               《▪︎Star Anise whole
               《▪︎A few others used less often in Chai:
                  ~Fennel, Coriander, and Pepper
》Chamomile Flowers
》Frankincense Essential Oil (one drop)
》Bergamot Essential Oil (one drop)
》Rose Essential Oil (one drop)

I use a small, old sauce pan that holds about a pint, maybe a smidgen more.
I start with 1 cup of water or a liquid base like chai tea (no sugar or cream, just straight) or coconut water. I let that heat up while I prepare the rest.
I add in the spices, herbs, cinnamon sticks to the 1 cup of liquid in the pot as it simmers.
About a teaspoon or less of each.
2-4 cinnamon sticks or 2 teaspoons of cinnamon.
3-5 Star Anise pods or a teaspoon ground up.
1/2 a teaspoon of nutmeg and clove. Maybe less. I eyeball most of this and go by feel, smell, and look.
A teaspoon of Chamomile or 8-10 small flowers. You can add the lacey chamomile leaves also.
I use 1-2 apples, half of the apples I add are green, half are red or whatever is on hand (bruised or just not great), sliced and cored. Sometimes I use dried spiced apple slices I made within the past month, if I do, I still add some fresh apple slices for a robust scent.
I usually save my orange peels for a week in the fridge before I plan on starting my potpourri. You can add 1 large orange peel freshly peeled right then also.
If the mixture doesn't have enough liquid, I add more every time it looks too thick. Each batch can last a week, 2 if you refrigerate over night/ between uses. Do not refrigerate when the pot is still warm, let the pot cool to room temp or at least very close.
The Essential Oils I add later on, I let the concoction simmer for awhile before adding anymore scents.

I usually simmer the potpourri an hour a time 3-5 times a day.

The Witchy Part:

Before making, I cleanse all the tools I am using: pot, knife, spoons, ingredients and I charge them with my intent. I usually use a mix of smoke cleansing and running water.

I have used Moon Water, Rain Water, Blessed Water, as my liquid base that has been charged specifically for this recipe/creation/potion/spell
Make this creation so that it is tailored specifically to you and your needs.

What is the Intention:
《▪︎To Bring and Send Love into Your Home
《▪︎To Strengthen Your:
             ~Practice, Beliefs, Witchcraft
             ~Et Cetera, whatever it is that YOU need.
《▪︎To Infuse your Home with Positive Vibes
《▪︎To Create an Atmosphere that is Welcoming, 
       Warm, Cozy, Loving

I think you get the point 😉
Basically, when making, stirring, preparing the potpourri, infuse each action with your intention. For example, when stirring ingredients in, say a little chant that expresses the energy and intention you want to infuse into the potpourri.

Here's a little spell chant off the top of my head to use as an example:
"With love this is made, may my love be spread, through this mixture's scent, from room to room it goes, my loving intent, through this home, spread and sent."

I don't have a step-by-step spell and recipe for you to follow. This is an outline type guide to inspire you to make it your own. If you are a new witch, do some research online, books, the library, talk to other witches that are skilled at teaching and explaining. My craft and practice is very intuitive and I mostly go with what feels right on top of my witchy knowledge of correspondences, spells, and witchy recipes.

Please, make your craft your own. It won't happen over night or by the next full moon. It has taken me many many years to find what works for me. I have been witchy since I was a child, around 13 I started looking into witchcraft, at 15 it became clear that I was a witch at heart but I felt like I had to hide it. I didn't fully start practicing rather than dabbling occasionally until I was 22. Before then it was during the times when I was alone in my room, or walking through the woods, or feeling an intense pull and inspiration that I would cast a spell or feel my witchy oats.

After I came out of the broom closet round 22, thats when I really started exploring my practice. I am almost 33 and have just started to find what feels right in the past 4 years. The year 2020 has been huge for me though when it comes to my practice. I have really started to embrace the fact that this is My Craft and My Practice I have stopped worrying about how others might view my practice or if I'm not as knowledgeable about certain things as some would assume.

All I want is for younger witches if all kinds to be able to embrace their craft as their own. To not worry about learning everything they can as fast as they can. I personally struggled more when I was trying to learn all of it within the first year. For some reason a bunch of info just wasn't sticking. When I finally accepted that I needed to go at MY pace is when my mind opened itself up. Now I learn when I feel inspired to learn a bit about a certain witchy subject rather than trying to force feed myself all the info I could. I had this misconception that in order to be an amazing witch I needed to know everything off the top of my head. Nope, I am not that witch. I have to consult my books, journals, online, other witches often, its when I let myself learn organically rather than mechanically is when the info is absorbed.

This way of learning as a witch has actually improved my practice 10 fold. It has helped me make my practice my own. I hope this helps other witches be okay with not being a super witch after the Year and a Day of learning. Make your witchy life flow with you and you with it. It might surprise you how much it can improve your practice when you let go of trying to force it. Forcing stuff can be good occasionally when you need an extra little push, it can become self sabotaging if it's happening consistently.

×☆×Good Luck and Blessed Be×☆×
♡ April~Pucca~Wren ♡


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📜A few possibilities for posts are🖋:

¤ 📝 Spooky Story #2 and #3 ✏

¤📜 Using Rain Storms to Help Boost a Spell 🖋

¤ 📜 My Dark Half of the Year Stove Top Potpourri (as a spell or just as a yummy scent to fill your home) 🖋

¤ 📝 My Journey and Learning about Cognitive Psychology as an Experimental Science and Using Family and Friends to Conduct Experiments for the Course (It'sa free course for 5 weeks after signing up, more info in the post if I post about this) ✏

¤ 📝 How I feel About Current Politics and a Few Ideas to Help the 🇺🇸 Battle Misinformed Voters (My Political Leanings are Not to be Included) 🖊

¤ 📖 My Story About Addiction, Mental Health, Chronic Illness, and How I Chose to Fight Back (Getting Healthy With and Without the US Medical System) ⚖

¤ 📜 How Embracing the Title/Label Witch in My Beliefs Changed and Do I Still Have Fears and Worries Using the Title/Label 🖋

If you want me to write about one or 2 of these topics this weekend, let me know. If I don't get a response then perhaps I'll use my Pendulum or Tarot to decide (and write about that experience also 😊😉), if I have trouble choosing. The Universe, Spirit, God/Goddess might give me a nudge. I will probably write about all of these over time. I have so many ideas just tumbling around in this silly noggin of mine.

I hope someone reaches out so that I can help them through my writing, also, if there is something you want me to write about that isn't on my list, Please, reach out and if it's in my wheelhouse then I would love to post stuff that people want to read and learn about. Oh, and remember, check out my Instagram
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Stay Nifty, Stay Safe, Try to Show Compassion, and Have Faith in Yourself Because You are Unique, Amazing, and Literally ONE OF A KIND

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The Story of How my Nickname Pooka or Pucca de la Peepa came about:

To start, the nickname was given to me from my husband 12 years ago when we started dating. I became his Pooka or Pucca de la Peepa. The Peepa part is my childhood nickname from my mom and dad. My dad still called me Peepa until the day he passed away in 2015. So my husband had started calling me his Pucca de la Peepa. "Pooka of the Peepa" like the Pooka side of the Peepa.

It had nothing to do with Faery folk or the cartoon Pucca (I found the cartoon 4 years after I was nicknamed, I love that cartoon). What's interesting to me is how I have been called a Gelfling, Faery, Elf, Elfing by all my friends for years upon years in my youth. It was about 5 years ago that I looked up Pucca or Pooka (my husband always uses the second spelling, I use both,) and saw the meaning behind it. I kind of forgot about that until yesterday when I saw a post with Pucca in it. It was just a meme about the Celtic Fae Pooka and their mischievous nature. I looked it up again and it reminded me of what my name means.

To me its what my husband ALWAYS calls me (Or he says Pook) and to me it's come to mean love, affection, and endearment. I guess it was just kismet that my most precious nickname is also the name of a Fae creature. After years of being called some kind of Fae nickname then to have my SoulMate nickname me Pooka/Pucca without knowing what it means is just more proof that I am on My Right Path.


The Social Climate is Concerning

(This is just my personal feelings in this moment, they are subject to change if I feel that I need growth, or I grow to be a better version of myself. Some of it might come across as righteous to some people. That is not my intention. I am deeply worried for our national and global well being when it comes to social behaviors and interactions.)

I enjoy social media most of the time. My issue with social media is with people that get worked up and want to just fight just because they feel like it. Earlier today I was reacting to stories and meant to push the applause reaction on a serious political story post but accidentally pushed the crying with laughter reaction, I didn't realize it (I probably pushed it and set my phone down before seeing that I had made a mistake). A few hours later I get a DM asking "Why is this funny?" I was confused at first and then saw what had happened. I immediately explained my mistake and informed the person that I liked their page, what they stand for, and to keep up the good work.

They saw my message but chose to ignore me and unfollow me because of a simple mistake. This type of attitude is ridiculous. I feel ridiculous writing about it, it's not so much about this single incident or person. It made me think about our society nowadays. My concern is with the way we have socially devolved into a culture where any disagreement is automatically believed that this or that person shouldn't be given a chance.

I personally feel that everyone should be given a chance to defend themselves or speak up, but also that even if we disagree with one facet of their beliefs, that shouldn't be the end all of getting to know them. So often I come across people online that have great content that I vibe with 90% of the time. The other 10% I may not agree with or understand but it's a part of them, and for me to hate on them because of that 10% is immature. It ends up that I would be denying myself the possibility of new insights and different views, learning new stuff that I probably would miss out on otherwise.

We are each a unique combination of beliefs, culture, hobbies, lifestyles, our likes and dislikes, personality traits, etc. In most situations, people won't be 100% alike in all of that. There will always be differences of opinion, life choices, personality traits, hobbies and so on. To shut a person out before giving them a chance is a disservice to you. Maybe this person could end up being someone that makes a difference in your life that you needed or even wanted?

I also believe that we don't owe anyone anything when it comes to social media in certain circumstances. If you are someone that is trying to gain followers, a community, share yourself and people arrive to see you, then interactions and some restraint on being rude to your followers is important. It's better to gain insight into a comment or reaction and taking a minute to double check if you are misreading something, since communication online can be taken the wrong way, so that your followers, friends, family have more reason to keep following you among sooooo many other reasons. 

If being rude, jumping to conclusions, automatically creating an opinion of someone based off basically nothing is your get down then you do you. I just feel its a disservice to yourself and those around you.

Basically, I'm tired of all the new political, social, downright controversial bandwagon crap that ill-informed people are jumping on. Parroting stuff that they have no idea what it's really about. They just join up in the frenzy because it makes them feel important or gets them content that's more likely to be noticed (it's good to feel important when it is a genuine and your intentions, for the most part, are good). It's usually EGO though, that create these types of conflict ridden climates we are seeing more and more of these days.

These people yell for change, to be a better person, more inclusive yet they turn around and don't take the time to hear others. How are we, a complex intelligent species, supposed to improve and become the best version of ourselves, individually and as a whole, if we remain closed minded. If we keep letting our ego's, look at me, mentalities rule, what will our future look like?

I'm not always the best at following my ideals, but I try really hard to practice following what I believe. I believe social interaction is a great way to gain new views, see the world from other people's perspectives, learn who you want to be, lessons can be learned, stories heard and told, its a beautiful collage quilt tapestry with so much depth and diversity. Why would I ever deny myself that, why would you?

What are your thoughts and feelings? I love a good discussion.

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Spell to Break Curses, Hexes, or for Protection

Items that can be used for protection or to break boxes and curses. Only some items are in the following spells.

Small Box
Black Salt
A Black Mirror
Black or Red Fabric
Black or Red Pen
Your Hair
Black Pepper
Bay Leaves
Blessed Water, New Moon Water

There are 2 ways to do this spell, it's up to you. You can do both if you want. If you do both, you will need at least 4 -6 small 4inch by 4inch mirrors, a hammer and a little wooden container (with a lid), preferably made of birch or cedar.

Before you begin, meditate, ground and center yourself. Make sure all tools you will be using are cleansed of residual energy. I use sage or incense smoke (Sandalwood, Cedar, Frankincense) or bring the waterproof items down to a creak and hold them in the flowing water while feeling cleansing energy flow into the items. I do this for as long as I feel necessary, 90 seconds to 13 mins.

Spell Version 1 and 2 (Both spells start out generally the same)
Mix Basil, Black Pepper, Birch saw dust together in a mortar and pestle while saying what you will be using the mixture for and charging with protection and hex breaking energy. Once the ingredients are fully mixed Place in a bottle with some Blessed Water or New Moon Water, Let sit for 3 days and nights during the New Moon, outside or in a window sill.

Once that potion is ready, grab the little mirror or mirrors and a black or red marker, wax pen, crayon, lipstick, etc. I prefer stuff I can wash off if I need to. Permanent marker works great and can be removed easily with nail polish remover.

Take the mirror or mirrors and make sure you have cleansed and charged them for protection before proceeding.

For Spell 1:
Sprinkle the potion you made over the mirror while saying something like:

"This potion blesses
Protects from curses and hexes.
On this mirror, made so pure,
I reflect back this negative attack
May it be reflected away from me.
All bad luck and energy being sent towards me
I send it all back, protection I do not lack.
Now I am free of all curses, hexes, and negativity sent to me.
So mote it be"

Write the name or names of those that have hurt you or wished you harm "Enemy Mine", "Negative Energy", "Bad Luck" etc. On the front of the mirror. For protection and not curse/hex breaking, you can leave it blank or draw, write something that represents protection for you.

Next place the mirror in a window that is recieving the most energy from outside sources (a window facing a road for example or a neighbors). You can make one of these for each direction of your home , N, E, S, W.

SPELL 2 using spell 1 steps first:
Once you complete all of the steps for spell 1 but without writing on the mirror, or putting them in windows, grab a hammer and paper or cloth bag (an old pillowcase will work.) You want to break the mirror up, if you have the tools you can cut it into the right sized pieces for putting in a cedar or birch box/container that has been cleansed and charged for protection and hex breaking. Once you have your broken or cut mirror pieces, glue them to the inside of the box. You can also add any leftover pieces, mirror side down to the outside of the box. If you do that, make sure the pieces face mirror side against the box.

Once the box is finished setting, take a bay leaf or paper and write the name of the hexer/cursor, if you are unsure then "enemy mine", "bad luck", whatever feels right. Now place the bay leaf/paper with writing on it in the mirror box. If you want to add an extra layer, say the incantation from earlier or something similar while sprinkling more of your blessed water of protection Potion over the box. If the hex or curse feels really bad you can wrap red or black ribbon around it 5 times in the shape of a pentagram or just around it as many times as you need, so it can't open, until it feels secure to you.

That's it. Store in a safe or top of a closet, under a floorboard, etc. I put my protection boxes near the cedar tree near my front door. Cedar and birch are great to use as an extra layer of protection if you need to bury or place something. Preferably one near your home.

Good luck!

Spooky Story 1: The Ghostly Doppelganger

Story One: Doppleganger Nighttime Ghost

(Explanations and extra details will be at the end of the story with numbers that correspond to the numbers you see placed throughout the story)

Back in the early 2000's, around 2001, my dad decided to move us¹ to a huge, old victorian in town. The house was originally a mining cabin built around 1840. By 1890 when the town started becoming an actual town and not just a tiny mining camp, the cabin was expanded into a 2 story large victorian. The cabin was converted into the giant kitchen. The layout of the house was interesting.

When we moved there, I was given the master bedroom upstairs² and my little brother and sister shared the huge loft space across the landing. The parents had the 2 downstairs bedrooms that connected through a door.³ So here we are in this old victorian in town, moving in and getting settled.

You know that feeling that more is happening than our eyes can see? Yeah, that's the feeling I felt going up the stairs, in the upstairs area, and in the kitchen & walk-in pantry. Little did I know how much was happening in that house that was beyond sight for most people. A little background of what we moved away from: My dad and family had been living in a place near the lake of a gated community and 2 houses down the road would end up being my first long term "serious" boyfriend. It was amazing to live only a couple houses from one another and on a lake near a beach/parks & rec area. So when I moved 20 mins away and into town, our parents decided we could have sleepovers.

Boyfriend had to sleep downstairs on the pullout futon in the "waiting/parlor/drawing room".⁴ So the room boyfriend slept in had a regular doorway that opened to the entry hall & front door and the foot of the stairs and across was step-mom's bedroom door.⁵ On one of the nights that boyfriend stayed over something weird happened. I was upstairs asleep in my room, my door had a latch on the outside that my dad locked so that I couldn't sneak down and canoodle with boyfriend.

I woke up to whispering in my room of a young girl, I turn my lamp on, nothing there and no whispering. At one point my door handle is turned and jiggled as I'm laying there awake and struggling to fall asleep. I get up, go to my door and listen, it's completely silent, no movement away from my door or heading down the old creaking stairs. Then at about 3am give or take 30 mins I hear boyfriend talking to a girl, I hear the girl voice, it sounded like my voice, respond. I was really confused, so I laid down at the gap under my bedroom door and listened.
The part of the conversation I could make out:
BF from futon about 10 ft from hall doorway
"Hey, is everything okay, why do you keep going up and down the stairs and walking through the hall? What's with the old nightgown?"
Entity in hallway seen through doorway standing at foot of stairs
"I'm okay, just thirsty, do not worry my love"⁶ At this point I'm not sure if I heard right or if I'm tripping on something I ingested and didn't know. I hear boyfriend whisper a muffled and sleepy
and then something in a weird raspy voice further up the stairs say it back. What freaked me out is the realization that I couldn't hear anyone actually moving on the steps. The old, really creaky steps, but the voice, when it said goodnight in that raspy whisper tone, it sounded like it was way closer to my bedroom door.

From the stair landing is what I figured. I knew there wasn't anyone in the house, alive, that lived there, that night, that was my age, and a similar voice to me. By the time I stopped freaking myself out from thinking about it, I looked at my clock and it was way past 4am and almost 5am. Next thing I know is that it is 7:30am and I am wide awake sitting against my bed on my floor. The freaky thing is that when I had looked at my stereo clock at 4:43am, I was in bed laying down, wide awake looking between my clock and bedroom door. And then my next conscious thought occurred with me sitting against my bed on the floor facing my bedroom door with my katana blade next to me unsheathed. To this day I have no clue what happened from 4:44am until 7:29am.

I get up and see that I'm in my comfy jeans and t-shirt. I have my beanie, which had a dried leaf and some grass on it, my converses, which had fresh grass stains, but no socks.⁷ This concerned me, especially the no socks part...
I was eager to get downstairs, brush my teeth, brush my hair, and wash my face before boyfriend woke up. I checked to see if my dad or step-mom came up to unlatch my door, it was unlatched.⁸
I had to pee soooo bad! I made my way down the stairs as quietly as I could, which is not easy on those old stairs and I was tiny at 4ft11 and barely 100lbs at 14 years old. I go do my thing not realizing BF is awake in the furthest living room from the front door, the tv room next to the kitchen, watching tv with my dad drinking coffee. When I'm done in the bathroom and all washed up, so fresh-so clean, I go and make my Red Rose Black Tea with cream and sugar and plop down on the loveseat next to my dad.

My dad asks how I got out of my room since he didn't hear the sound of me traversing my closet. I tell him that the latch was undone. He looks at BF and asks if he went up this morning and unlatched it. BF is terrified of my dad and won't lie, plus there is a security camera that records the front entry and you can see if anyone goes up or down the stairs, BF looks confused and says
"No, I haven't gone upstairs since yesterday when we were playing legos with** LB and LS⁹ in the area at the top of the stairs."¹⁰

My dad believes him and mentions that maybe it was step-mom but seems to be unsure. We all know that LB and LS aren't tall enough to reach the latch on my door and they wouldn't anyway.¹¹

So, anyway, when step-mom joins everyone and dad asks, she says
"No, 10 mins ago was the first time I've been upstairs since tucking the kids in last night"
Dad thinks outloud
"maybe I didn't latch it right, I swear I did though because I tried to open the door just to make sure the latch was secure, and it was... hmmmm, weird. I'll check the front entry cam. Maybe one of us unlatched it during the night to check on you and have forgotten"

BF pipes in with,
"You came down though, I think I saw you walk by the doorway down the hall to the bathroom in a weird long old looking nightgown a few times last night. I asked if you were okay, you looked really pale and sick and you said you were okay and you were just really thirsty. You sounded weird though. Are you messing with us?"

As BF was talking, all I can feel is cold. I had heard this exchange/coversation BF had, had last night, it was muffled and just barely discernible, but I know I heard it.
LS jokingly says
"It's the creepy girl ghost that looks like sister that walks around sometimes..."¹²
A moment later LS adds,
"There's also a tree chopping guy in dirty old clothes and a gross looking beard that likes to stand by your door."
She says it while staring at me without concern or fear but with a seriousness that makes me shiver.

"How do you know he's a tree chopping guy?" I ask.
"You will know when you see him that he's a tree chopping guy..." LS says while doing the PeePee dance and then runs off to the restroom before explaining further.

For a few more minutes we discuss this, I tell my parents that I didn't leave my room all night. They can check the security cam footage¹³ and see that BF and I stayed in our sleeping areas. Eventually, after breakfast my dad came in and said that neither of us were on the camera footage, he looked freaked though but we had to leave. It was time to drive BF down the hill 2 towns over so his dad could pick him up and bring him home. On the way back home my dad turned the radio off and asked if I "messed with the camera in the entry hall". I said "no" since I didn't. He looks at me and says he believes me and he can't believe he's going to say this but he has too...
"something came in our house last night that wasn't on any of the outside cameras, well it was but it was just a weird barely visible shadow that I thought was bug shadow on the lens. It wasn't a bug shadow, at least after watching it closely, it wouldn't make sense. It kept going up the stairs."

"On the camera that looks down at the parking spot under your bedroom window it stopped there and went up the side of the house. I couldn't see if it went to your window because of the angle but that's the only window upstairs right there. I don't mean to freak you out, I'm freaked out. Please be honest, is this an elaborate prank?"

I explain to my dad that there is no way I could pull this off. I was locked in my room and they would've been woken up by me if I had used the closet to get out. I also told him about how I had heard BF talking to someone that sounded like me and before that a girl whispering in my room near my door and then my door handle jiggling.

Eventually we chalked it up to new house heebie-jeebies and our minds and imaginations getting carried away.

This first experience happened less than a month after moving in. It was not the last and later that year while exploring the area under the house, we found some strange interesting stuff that only creeped our family out more.

Thanks for reading!

I apologize for any grammatical errors or typos. This was transcribed using my phone and a note app.
Explanations & Extra Details:
1. (step-mom, little sister and brother)
2. (no bathroom though, both bathrooms were downstairs)
3. (my dad was a loud snorer and liked to collect computer parts on shelves in his room, step-mom wasn't down with that clutter in their room so they had separate spaces, it worked for them)
4. (the house had 3 giant living rooms with giant wood sliding doors that could be closed to separate them or keep them open for a long open room/ floorplan style)
5. (Check my drawn diagram of the house's layout.)

6. (The way the house was laid out, my bedroom door was old and there was a 2 inch gap at the bottom. Also, it was literally right next to the stairs, I mean it lined up with the top step. The stairs were the kind that go up, then a landing that connects another set of stairs but in the opposite direction- turn 180° to go up the rest of the way. Directional Example: you start going up the stairs in an Eastern direction, hit the landing and turn until you are facing the Western direction and go up the rest of the stairs. The stairs had an open air feel to them, nothing closed off. This made sound travel very well up the stairs and under massive gap of my door.)
7. (I always wore cute printed low ankle socks with my coverses)
8. (Disclaimer, I could get out of my room through the weird 4.5ft tall, 4ft deep and 12ft long, old closet in my room that had a 2ft by 4ft opening into the coat/board game closet in the upstairs hall/stair landing. It was really noisy and I had a mattress/hidey hole/club house in there so it was not easy to get through quietly. Parents knew they could hear me if I tried to bypass the latched bedroom door to canoodle with BF when he stayed over)
9. **(I'm not including names, referred to as LB & LS for Little Brother and Little Sister and BF for BoyFriend)
10. (it was like a little nook type room 7ft by 7ft at the top of the stairs between their room, LB & LS, and my room, this is also where the boardgame closet is/was).
11. (They were really good about leaving their teenage sister alone since they had eachother and were almost exactly a year apart, their birthdays are 3 days apart. They didn't have any interest in their older siblings, I was closest in age to them out of all our siblings but still the age gap was too far apart.)
12. (LS is about 5-6 years old when this happened.)
13. (No, I could not alter or change it to sneak out)

Witchcraft & Me

Hi Peeps!

I thought I would write a little about my practice.
I'm not going to go to far into detail (I would have to write a book), I am going to explain my practice so that other Witches, Pagans, New Witches, and/or witchcraft curious can see one aspect of practicing witchcraft. I think the best way for me to give a glimpse into my practice is to go through a regular day for me.

My alarm goes off, my body and mind had already began their efforts towards consciousness before my watch started buzzing. It's 4:45am Pacific time. I don't immediately jump out of bed. I allow myself a half hour of morning meditation, allowing my body to fully come to (if I jump out of bed immediately, I tend to trip over stuff, run into walls and doors, and have zero balance, my family thinks it's hilarious) and most important reason I do this is it helps me be in a great mood. Also, when I do this I say in my head, under my breadth, or even outloud if it won't wake anyone else up, a daily morning affirmation. Sometimes it's off the top of my mind after about 15 mins of laying there waking up or one that I wrote or chose the night before.

Some mornings, as my brain starts recalling my dreams from the previous night, I grab my phone and use my notes app to record keywords and phrases so that later I can do an entry in my journal. This happens 2-5 times a week.

Once I drag myself out from under my dog and my fluffy warm cocoon of blankets and pillows, I do minimal stretching to get my blood flowing while thinking about what the day's energy already feels like. I light some incense and go into the restroom to wash up and do morning bathroom stuff. On my bathroom mirror I have a reminder to tell myself some stuff I like about my mind, body, soul. I deal with mental health, so any little nudges towards self-love is important for me.

In the kitchen I make a cup of tea or coffee and use stirring clockwise or counter-clockwise to set my intentions for the day. I feed my dog Danu and let her out to do her business. While outside, since I wake up before sunrise, I love looking at the stars, the phase of the moon if I can see it, feel the cool & crisp morning air and thank either nature, the universe, God/dess, or all, basically whatever I am feeling in that moment. Once that is done, Danu and I go inside. I usually grab a bite to eat and sit down on my back deck and watch the sunrise with my journal and cup of Red Rose black tea with cream and sugar. If I had a memorable dream, I record what I can remember and my interpretation, if I feel that it's necessary. Once I am done doing that, I grab a book or my tablet to read or watch something, still on my deck, that will inspire me.

I love hearing the morning birdsong. I have a tiny hummingbird that perches in the tree next to my deck and she talks A Lot. Sometimes she comes down and will flutter a foot infront of me. On a few different occasions she has sat on my hooded head, landed on the top of my book, and sat on my potted baby pomegranate bush next to my chair. Its a great way to connect with nature and start my day. I do this for about an hour.

By the time it is 7 to 8 am I start preparing to do my morning tarot/divination reading. (There are the occasional mornings where I don't have time for a reading so I put it off until later in the day. I do try to make time for morning readings to be done before 11am). I give myself about a 45-hour cushion to do a meditation and reading. They usually only take 20-30mins for a daily morning reading. I try to journal this all down in detail but sometimes I have to just do keywords and phrases if my time is limited.

By this time, the rest of the house is awake. I get breakfast for my son, get his homeschooling stuff ready, and basically do regular house stuff. Water my plants and garden, prune dead leaves from them, fill bird feeders, clean up the yard of doggy doodoo, check on the hamster (Pancake, he's 3.5 years old. He's a wrinkly, big balled, sweet little old man). Around lunch I go out to my herbs and grab what I need for lunch. I am usually barefoot and use that time to ground and center. I collect only what I need and thank the plants for their bounty. Sometimes I'll bring a little offering like unsalted pasta water, a stone or crystal I found on a nature walk/hike in the woods and creek by my property that I charge and cleanse before using it as an offering, or organic fertilizer.

I make lunch, sometimes I add some witchy oomph (the way I mix, an incantation, intention that vibes with the ingredients being used) and sometimes I just make lunch and say thanks to the plants, grains, and animals that have given themselves so that I may receive sustenance. When I eat, I take that time to relax and have me time. I indulge in my entertainment guilty pleasures. I don't have the energy to be witchy 100% of the time.

Anyway, once all of my son's schoolwork for the day is done and I can step away and he gets to go do what he wants, I usually go take an hour nap. Yes, I am a napper. I wake up at 4:45am and by 2:30, I am getting a bit cranky. For my nap, I put on some soothing meditation music or listen to a show about the cosmos or ancient history. I love falling asleep to the History and Science channels documentaries on space and ancient civilizations.

When I wake up at 3:30, I stretch, take the dog out, go for a little nature walk down on the back of the property into the woods. The way the sun breaks through the branches of the tall sugar pines, redwoods, cedars, and oaks is magickal. Connecting with nature and my inner sense of wonder is crucial in my practice. I often find feathers, pinecones, animal bones, flora, rocks, and sticks that I use in my practice when I go on my walks.

When we get back between 4 & 4:30. The house is full of bustling energy. Husband is home from work, he is like a lightening storm and sunshine on a 72 degree day at the beach. Tons of electric chaotic energy but also warm, inviting, affectionate, Home. He brings a buzzing energy to the house. He usually laughs affectionately at my treasures I bring back from the woods. Then expresses his worry about me frolicking through the trees with Danu when there are 3 bears that hang out on our property and the pack of coyotes, the 2 bobcats, we've seen a few mountain lions in the past 2 years, a few gray wolves (they came down from the big mountains looking for food or were looking for new territory) and a wolverine that came through the property last year. Plus, snakes and skunks. I tell him that I stick to the clearings so I have a good sight line and Danu is amazing at alerting me of danger and what trail to take back home to avoid it. He understands though, my need to be out there, in nature, with the wild. Hubby usually takes Danu out again and plays frisbee with her after he gets home and gets out of his work clothes and boots and into his comfy clothes.

We feed Danu dinner and then we decide on our dinner and I get the stuff we need from the garden and we work together to make a yummy dinner. To me, that love, teamwork, and creating something together is it's own form of spellwork. It sets the tone for future days by building off of the energy put into it each day. We've been together since December 2007/January  2008 and married since 2009. Our love has changed a lot but grown beyond anything words can describe.

After dinner, we each go work on our hobbies until 7ish and then we usually all hang out and our son likes to show us YouTube videos of youtubers we all enjoy. It's usually something we will all laugh at. We hang out until 8-8:30pm and then all get ready for bed. I light incense, get beds and rooms ready for sleep. Put pajamas out for my  hubby & son. I go out onto my deck every night and take in the night. Sometimes I will wait until everyone is in bed and asleep and won't interrupt and I do my meditation, divination, and spellwork. I do the divination and/or spellwork maybe twice a month on average, sometimes way more and sometimes a whole month will pass where I just don't feel the need for a spell.

When I get ready for bed, I focus my energy on having a calm well rested sleep. As I wash up I visualize any residual, disruptive energy washing away. Once I am in bed, I put headphones in and turn on meditation music and I meditate until I fall asleep.

I practice my witchcraft by doing little daily tasks with a witchy oomph. While washing dishes, I visualize all negativity being washed away and my home being cleansed of energies that are disruptive. When I'm  sweeping, same thing. Cooking and baking, the aromas are filled with the intentions I worked into the food.

I rarely do huge rituals, usually 4 times a year and they aren't huge, just me out in nature welcoming the changing season in a circle I cast and saying thanks and goodbye until we meet again to the departing season. My moon rituals are usually when I do big tarot spreads and maybe a small spell with a cast circle and deep trance meditation.

Everyone's practice is different. I do my practice this way because I don't have the energy to go all out. Its simple and tailor made by me, for me. I'm a witch, a simple nature, house witch.

If you have any questions, leave a comment by clicking the link that says "Talk to Me🙂".

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed and I apologize for any errors in my writing. I typed this up on my phone and sometimes it does dumb things.

Have a great Day!


Sunday 3 Card Tarot Spread for the upcoming week

5 of Cups
4 of Swords
8 of Wands

This reading is concerning. At least the 5 of Cups has me a little worried. I see that something from the past will be a reminder of an emotional pain that hasn't fully healed. Once it is accepted, felt, and let go of there will be a sense of peace and calm that helps bring more healing. After that emotional pain and inner turmoil is felt and healing has begun, the sky is the limit. There is something painful in the past holding back our potential to be better. In order to reach that place of "anything is possible" one must truly feel the ebb and flow of their pain. Once felt and experienced rather than bottled up. Peace and acceptance will be felt. Then a feeling of excitement that you are free will fill you up and make new doors or windows open in your life.


This is my new account: old account- weepingfaery

Good Day Peeps (If anyone actually reads this...)
I have created this new L.J. account to go with my Instagram account. This is where I will do my blogs and articles that go with certain I.G. posts.

This blog will cover all things witchy.

So a little about me: I am a witch (if you haven't figured that out yet). I practice mostly folk magic. There are elements in my practice and beliefs that mostly come from Europe: Norse, Celtic, Romanian/Indo-Dutch Gypsy, Italian and Sicilian Strega, and maybe a smattering of other stuff here and there. My heritage is all of those, the Celtic is on the least end of the heritage spectrum and the Gypsy & Sicilian are very pronounced in my heritage.

I love folk and green witchery. Both play the lead in my beliefs and practices. Also, Native American Indian and shaman practices intrigue me yet I tend to stick to the folk magick. I love mythology, nearly all forms of it. All of the celtic (Welsh, Irish, Scottish, British, etc.) mythos I absolutely love. Next is the Norse mythologies, I fell in love with all the viking history, art, jewelry, beliefs, iconography after someone I love dearly and deeply gifted me a book on it after telling me how amazing it is. His introduction of the Norse and Vikings changed my beliefs and practice and helped me grow in my magick.

I am not an everyday aesthetic witch. I practice every day, even if it's only a few small witchy things throughout the day, it's what works for me. I don't dress super witchy or earthy every day, more often than not I am in my comfy clothes. From jeans, and t-shirts to those cute printed yoga sweat pants that are tight around the ankles, and sweaters/tops that are dark-colored, earth-toned, oh yeah, and long flowy skirts occasionally. I love sandals, Uggs, Docs, and the occasional mid-calf cow-person boots. I do wear a necklace or 2 that usually has a goddess pendant, pentacle, crystal, or a semi-precious stone. I enjoy creating my own jewelry also.

I love books, I have over 300 books, not including digital which is another 200-400 books. They all have to do with witchcraft in someway (astrology, psychic, channeling, mythology, divination, herbs,  dreams, wicca, witchcraft, ceremonial, flora & fauna, shamanism, goddesses, gods, etc.) My personal library started in my teens but really picked up in my 20's. I have slowed down though in the past 3 years. At this point, any info I need, I can probably just find it in my library, physical & digital. Enough about my book fetish and bragging. (Sorry, I just really love books and am proud of my collection)

So, I have been witchy since I can remember. My mom isn't a witch but she has a witchy spirit. She introduced me to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, dark flowy clothes, leather boots and hippie sandals. Nearly every Halloween since as far back as my memory allows I was dressed as a witch, hippie, Wednesday (Adam's Family), or something similar. One of my first CD's my mom gave me was The Cure. The first TV show that wasn't on a kids channel that we watched together was Charmed, before the show premiered I remember my mom telling me that "We HAD to watch it together!". The idea of witches and San Francisco reeled her in and then me. She grew up in S.F. and we had a family house down there in the Sunset District that we visited a couple times a year.

As a young child I spent hours each day outside among the trees, plants, rocks, and critters. I made up a game in 1st grade with a group of friends where we were a pack of wolves and our den was the trunk of a giant White Oak at the end of the playground up on a tiny hill. From kindergarten up to 9th grade I walked to and from school. It was about 3/4 of a mile, maybe a mile 1 way. This was my favorite time, being out in the elements was like a special healing meditation.

My mom was a single mom that worked 6 days a week with 3 kids, kept a spotless house, and made a healthy dinners every night, and packed our handmade lunches every day. My amazing mom is what inspired my beliefs by letting me be me. I remember her asking if I wanted to dress up as a princess or a disney character during Halloween, she let me pick out my clothes (I usually chose clothes in dark colors or black).

She never forced any of it on me but introduced it and let me decide for myself. No matter who or what I wanted to be or do, my mom supported me. I am her only daughter and her youngest. It is because of her support I was able to follow my heart and be the witch I am today. My father tried to be supportive but he was raised very, very christian even though he didn't really practice as a christian during his adult life. The programming was there though. When my first deck of tarot showed up in my life I was 13, my dad had me throw my cards out. My cousin became interested in Witchcraft, heavily, when we were 15 and my dad and our grandma (my dad's, her mom's mom) were freaked out. I hid my practice and kept it lowkey for years after seeing their reactions.

Saying my cousin was possessed and the devil had his hooks in her, all kinds of christian superstition. She wasn't practicing that standard dark teen witchcraft we often see, she was practicing the earthy, holistic, type of witchcraft. From about 16- 18 I had backed off of my witchy ways due to seeing how they treated my cousin and I had become addicted to opiates after I started a relationship with an addict. At 19 I found the person that felt like my other half, he is the one who taught me about the Norse. From 19-21 I was in and out of christian rehabs, so I fell in line and pretended/tried to fit in with the whole christian life. That whole time my heart and soul screamed at me that "This Isn't You!!!"

Finally, when I had my freedom back I was able to do me. My fiance and I were able to be together. We had fell in love when I was 19 and then both sent away for nearly 2 years. We tied the knot when I was 21, had a son at 22 and then my witchy ways started back up fully by 23. Now I am almost 33 and still learning and in love with my beliefs. Being a witch has always felt right. I have always casted spells, I remember being about 9 years old and taking my bike to the woods about 40 mins (give or take an hour) before sunset with my friend and casting spells while she ran around and played among the trees. I did stuff like that constantly. Being supported by my mom, having the room and freedom to find my path, it is the most precious feeling & memory I have.

Being a Witch is an intrinsic part of who I am as a woman.